Cheerleading is a year-round sport in coordination with the other athletic programs.

Mission Statement
The cheerleaders of HFS work as a team. Cheerleaders are to promote school spirit and unity, develop good sportsmanship, and better relationships between schools during all athletic events.  As a result, cheerleaders will develop a personal sense of self-worth and discipline as well as pride, confidence, and a positive reputation for both themselves and HFS.

Mrs. Heather Willis –
Ms. Abby Nettles –


When Do We Cheer?
We cheer every Sunday during football season. We cheer at both home and away games.
We rotate schedules during boys and girls basketball games. We only cheer at home games for basketball. We also cheer for other special events throughout the year.

Academic Eligibility Requirements
The academic eligibility requirements of 2.0 GPA for cheerleaders in grades 5-8 are the same as for athletes. However, because cheerleading is a year-round sport, some modifications are necessary. If the student fails to make the 2.0 GPA for the fourth quarter grading period, the student will not be able to participate in cheerleading activities during the first quarter of the next school year. If the GPA at the end of the first quarter is 2.0, she may be reinstated as long as the 2.0 average is maintained. At any marking period, cheerleaders who make less than a 2.0 will have to sit out the following quarter.