*2/11 – Cap and Gown Pictures                                                                      

*2/12 – 6th Grade – SVDP Service Project Field Trip

*2/12 – Progress Reports Available on Headmaster

*2/13 – 4-H Meeting

 *2/13 – School Mass

*2/14 – Valentine’s Parties PK4-3rd Grades

*2/14 – 3rd Grade – Children’s Museum Lafayette

*2/14 – Beta Fundraiser, Parent’s Night Out 5:30-9:00                             

*2/17- Middle School Spanish Fieldtrip Lafayette                 

Spanish FT Lafayette

*2/20 – HFS Annual STEM Night – 5:30 pm, Parish Hall

*2/21 – HF PreK-3 – Mardi Gras Parade

*2/24 – 2/25 – Mardi Gras Break

Instructional Letter for Bear Fair

A message from Father David Allen:

Dear Parents,

Father David just wanted to make sure you all were aware of phone or email scams concerning himself or other staff members saying they are in need of money for some problem, project, etc. There is a lot of this going around right now in our parish and others targeting those who are vulnerable. If someone ever has a question they should always call the office before giving out money or personal information, no matter how much of an emergency it appears.

Thank you